26 de Junio 2024 /#bertelsmannstiftung

Dialogues on the Future of Europe. Stormy Weather in the EU: How to navigate it

Time and date: Wednesday, 10th July 2024 / 18:00 h

Place: Espacio Bertelsmann (C.O'Donnell, 10, Madrid)

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European citizens elected the new European Parliament and set the stage for forming the next European Commission that will govern the EU until 2029. Brussels tectonic plates have moved to the (far) right, resulting in the most fragmented European Parliament ever. This – as well as the outcome of the snap election in France – will have direct consequences in the composition of the European Commission and in the political vision of the future of Europe.

These elections come at a time where pressure for reform of the EU is growing. The list for reform is long:

  • Will Ukraine still be able to rely on the EU? How realistic are enlargement prospects?
  • How will issues of rule of law and democracy be tackled?
  • Will it be the end of the Green Deal?

The Bertelsmann Stiftung, Fundación Bertelsmann and the Madrid Centre of Excellence for Interdisciplinary European Studies-University Carlos III of Madrid (MACIES) are pleased to organize this Dialogue for the Future of the EU, in which experts from across Europe will discuss about these and other pressing issues that the EU will face over the next few years.

The event will also serve to present eupinions, an independent platform for European public opinion developed by the Bertelsmann Stiftung aimed at collecting and analysing data on what Europeans think about current political issues and trends. The data is collected across all 27 Member States and is published in 22 languages.


Clara Bassols, Director at Fundación Bertelsmann
Isabell Hoffmann, Senior Expert in European Integration and Head of eupinions, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Chair)
Catherine de Vries, Professor of Political Science and President of the Institute for European Policy Making at Bocconi University
Aleksandra Sojka, Assistant Professor in EU Politics and Deputy Director at MACIES-UC3M
Jorge Díaz Lanchas. Associate Professor in Political Economy of the EU at Universidad Pontificia Comillas -ICADE & MACIES fellow
19:05 Q&A
Juan Antonio Mayoral, Distinguished Researcher in EU Politics and Jean Monnet Chair at MACIES-UC3M.
19:30 Networking cocktail